No matter how amazing, empty or expensive the venue booked for a wedding is, it’s the details a couple brings in that make a space feel special. The little things – from favors to florals to place settings  – often take up the majority of planning when it comes to a wedding day. It’s these little touches, like a family cross around a bouquet or custom etched champagne glasses, that give each wedding I photograph a unique flavor. So here’s a post dedicated to all the amazing planning of minute details I shot in 2016. It’s truly the little things that make the big day.

Small bursts of color in simple florals always makes a nicer statement that hulking flower arrangements.

Stationary choices are always a fun way to personalize the day. You can go super fancy with a scroll invitation a la Tracy and Barry, or a simple and fun note card for handwritten vows like Alice.

It’s a little strange to describe bouquets or boutonnieres as both “big” and “simple” but Saba and Ian nailed theres.

Nicole’s necklace, a repurposing of her late father’s wedding ring, was the perfect little thing to carry over her heart on her wedding day.

Ian’s graphic design job let him play around with a lot of ways to customize his wedding. The coolest was definitely an ombre rainbow set of place cards. Some guests loved the effect so much they checked their table and left the cards!

I love how couples chose to personalize a room to their tastes. Brian and John kept the Harold Pratt House swanky and chic with uplighting and glitzy linens. Maura and Ben embraced their holiday wedding at Reid Castle with holly and cranberry centerpieces, garland runners and poinsettias. My favorite though is how Sara and Colin gave a Long Island City warehouse a homey-Hogwarts vibe with long tables, autumn toned plates and florals, and of course candles floating over the tables as if by magic.

Couples who get personal with table names are always more fun. Some favorites names from 216 included all of Sondheim’s musicals, famous couples in history, or the various neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

I love when a space can have a funky industrial vibe but still feel warm and cozy like the Wythe Hotel.

Cake is always the sweetest part of the day! Don’t you just want to take a bite?

One of my favorite things to do is showcase couples rings in the context of their special day or their personalities. One of my favorites, above, is just a simple moment after Heidi and Kent eloped to Manhattan and were toasting their marriage with cigars and cognac.

Maddie placed her hand with her mother and grandmother’s to show not only the family bling but love is eternal.

Nabiha and Nana had survived long distance and travel over their 8 years together. On the day of their wedding Nana gave his wife a list cataloging all their travels, but best of all left a set of excited question marks to denote the future. This little detail definitely made even me tear up.

Last but not least, I love this detail that is both centerpiece- and ring-shot. To make sure guests never ran out of conversation, Jean and Maddie had various games at the center of each table to increase the fun at their laid back reception. I couldn’t help myself around the Connect Four.


For more information on any of these sweet ideas or the wedding vendors involved, don’t hesitate to contact me here.