Over the course of 2016 I shot 31 weddings, 24 engagements, 4 babies, 18 other gigs and altogether 116,637 photos — give or take. In that giant selection, there are some unflattering angles, missed exposures, great memories and of course some silly moments. These are always my favorites pictures, laughing at them both behind the camera and back in my office, too. I love these goofy memories, not only for a giggle, but because I always think people taking their lives too seriously is no fun. A little silliness will destress everybody on a hurried day and break down barriers for intimate moments later on. Plus some people are just hilarious!

And if you don’t want some funny photos, we probably shouldn’t work together.

Bridesmaids are there for your debauchery.

I love how one of Ben and Paul’s groomswomen couldn’t help but peak during this shot.

I love when couples get silly without my prompting. Who doesn’t want some Fonz, surprise lifts or bunny ears to remember a special moment?

Flower girls can be so judgmental!

Nicole and Bobby started a new tradition I think all Maine weddings should have – breaking the lobster! I think you can tell who won the crustacean tug-of-war.

Juliana had my most famous wedding guest, Andy Cohen, wish her well in a smooch sandwich with her husband, Andrew.

On a hot day, ice cream bars are just as good for toasting as champagne.

Who says a first dance can’t include some spanking?