‘Say Cheese!’

No. Don’t actually. That never works for a good photo, in my experience.

Tickle attacks, evil laughing, talking about your first kiss, syncing your breathing, celebrating, and whispering sweet nothings into each others’ ears. Those are the coaching techniques I like to use while making portraits of couples and their wedding parties. Mixing those little suggestions with documentary photography lets me find amazing moments with my couples without getting posey. The hour or so I get to spend with the happy couple and their closest friends is always my favorite part of the day, so narrowing down the best moments was difficult but also so nostalgic and sweet.

I love when a couple can look badass and intimate at the same time!

An adventurous wedding party can make all the difference in a portrait session. Nicole and Bobby’s happily climbed up on this bluff for an epic shot!

Jean and Maddie’s nuptials were especially meaningful for me as I got to document the wedding of my childhood best friend. I cry a lot at weddings that I photograph, but that was at a whole other level.

Reid Castle at Manhattanville College is one of my all time favorite venues since there are literally endless places for portraits.

Brides being dope on rooftops is my favorite thing about 2016, and it better continue for years to come.

Flower girls can be total divas, but also have moments of being adorable, too.

The street art game in Brooklyn is always on point, so it is easily my favorite backdrop to have couples play around in front of.

I really don’t like bright, mid-day lighting. But I’ll make exceptions for Maggie’s brighter-than-sunshine smile, sparkly dances between Sara and her bridesmaids, and a little lens flare during a little stroll with Justin and Danny.

Brides are always gorgeous, but I especially love those in between moments.

As much as I can, I try to let my clients do their own thing so I can tap into my photojournalism training. Above are my two favorite 100% genuine moments from 2016. Ben just groovin with his Mom was so absolutely cozy and sweet, while Emily and Jim’s first look is so filled with emotion my heart swelled more than the Grinch’s.

Group shots with your wedding party can be a bit of a pain, but the effort can surround you in love

Even between two husbands, I love finding the individual quirks and personalities of subjects to highlight them in their portraits.

A hearty laugh is the most attractive thing in the world.

Mother Nature can be a pretty kickass backdrop. I love the simplicity in nature as Dexter and Kevin walk out of a weeping willow, and also the spark you can create with some well placed flash, a drizzle of rain, and lovebirds like Ian and Saba.

The subway > Limos.

No matter what I do, it’s just great to work with couples who are definitely star crossed lovers. (Without the whole double suicide thing.)