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Ann and Devin Full Wedding-Camera 1-365Justin was absolutely perfect. Professional and friendly and flexible and responsive, he even kept us sooooo calm and helped make it a great day. Everyone at the wedding loved having him there, and everyone is already raving about how beautifully the pictures came out. I am incredibly lucky to have found him!

— Anna and Devin (via WeddingWire)

Hiring Justin as our photographer was quite possibly the best decision we made for our wedding. He was the only person we worked with who left nothing to be desired. His photos are breathtaking- I literally gasped multiple times upon viewing his shots from our wedding. Every type of photo he took (formal portraits, casual candids, ceremony shots, party pictures, etc.) was equally phenomenal. I knew his work was amazing, but I was blown away when I saw what he did for our wedding. Justin is exactly who you want as a wedding photographer. He feels like another one of your friends, while at the same time being a true artist.

— Emily and Jim (via TheKnot)

Not only did Justin take some gorgeous photos, he knew exactly how to interact with everyone throughout the day. He was aloof, yet involved; one step ahead, without ever being overbearing. He let us have a great time and knew the right moments to pull us away to capture an amazing shot, so we wouldn’t miss out on any of our own celebration. We cannot recommend him highly enough, and people won’t stop talking about our unbelievable photos.

— Ben and Paul (via TheKnot)

Of course we wanted beautiful images of our wedding (which Justin exceeded our expectations) but we also wanted someone with social grace. Justin was some how everywhere and no where. A random family member would ask us for a photo in the corner of our venue and Justin would appear, set us up for a photo and then disappear. He is amazing at this. I have been to many weddings where the bride and groom miss half the celebration. If you want that I’m sure Justin will oblige but if you’re looking for beautiful images, in an efficient manner this guy is for you.

— Colin and Sara (viaTheKnot)

Justin is incredible. From the moment we had our meeting with him, I knew we were picking someone who would be able to capture our love for each other. He was so accommodating and so sweet. Our wedding day was so special and Justin captured so many fun and emotional moments. He also did a wonderful job fitting with our guests. We even had friends come up to us just to brag about how cool our photographer was!

— Sarah and Eli (via WeddingWire)


Justin is the best. By the time you’ve done all of the planning and setup, you feel like you have a friend photographing your wedding. He worked the event like a pro–knew how to manage everyone’s anxieties and time, and was funny and kind while wrangling people for photos. The work itself is fantastic, great shots, not cookie cutter or cheesy. We couldn’t be happier.

— Catie and Ben (via TheKnot)

The first time I had a chance to feel relaxed and calm on our wedding day was when we stepped away to shoot with Justin. His sense of framing and color are not simply relegated to editing, he was making great technical decisions during our shoot while at the same time making us feel comfortable and confident. He even went so far as to have my fiance stand on his jacket to protect her shoes because the shot would look better three steps to the left…and he was right.. Aside from the classic shots of the ceremony, dinner, speeches, and family portraits, he captured wonderfully candid moments of not only the two of us but genuine joy and happiness throughout the room.

— Bradley and Joy (via TheKnot)

All we can say is WOW….Justin is amazing! From initial contact to our wedding day, Justin was everything we could hope for in a photographer. On our actual wedding day, we couldn’t fault Justin, he’d thought of everything. We were unlucky (or lucky some might say) that it chucked it down with rain, however Justin came prepared with a back up plan of where to take shots, umbrella’s, raincoats you name. He was also happy to take any shots we wanted, as we aren’t used to having our picture taken he was able to put us at ease and help us relax by talking to us. His direction was also great, as sometimes we weren’t really sure what to do.

— Nicola and Jamie (via WeddingWire)

He makes you feel very comfortable and everyone at our wedding just loved him!!!!! His work is impeccable -went beyond a
photographer, was so kind and helpful through the whole day. Needless to say , he was fantastic!!!!!!!!

— Christie and Ian (via Thumbtack)

5fk1d34elzpc6v62_580x380Justin has photographed me in various photo-calls for plays and musicals, did my actor headshots and even family portraits with my parents. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he also made me feel comfortable and beautiful the whole time I was working with him! I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else – Justin is truly an exceptional photographer.

— Maya (via Thumbtack)

Justin was one of a kind! His patience and friendliness struck us all. Working with him felt like we were working with family. He made us feel extremely comfortable. My family loved him and I cant wait to work with him again someday! The pictures came out amazing!!! Love them all!!

— Tiffany and Lenny (via WeddingWire)

IMG_0477I cannot express how WONDERFUL Justin was on our wedding day! It was snowing and icing and he still made it all look like a beautiful winter wonderland for us. His friendly, calm and cheery personality kept smiles going all around and made it comfortable for everybody to be photographed. He really captured everything we requested and those special moments we couldn’t imagine would happen. He has such a great eye for scenery and mood setting. I know we will treasure these pictures forever.

— Regina and Brennan (via Thumbtack)


We initially met with Justin because we saw some samples of his photos and thought they looked wonderful, but we were so happy to discover that not only is he a great photographer, but also a generous, friendly, and hilarious person who went the extra mile to accommodate any requests that we had.

— Alice and Allan (via TheKnot)

I chose Justin over a larger company-style photo studio because I liked that he was very personable & enjoyed what he does. His happy personality is infectious which helps you to shine in front of the camera & not feel awkward or shy. The quality of the shots came back phenomenal. To me they are priceless, but in truth you can’t beat his price! I have friends that spent $5K+ for their photos, but I feel I hit gold with Justin and didn’t pay for it.

— Brian and John (via TheKnot)

Justin is the premier photographer to book for your group’s events. He has an outstanding eye for capturing movement and preserving the essence of the moment via lenses (as I mostly booked him to take pictures at dance shows) and is prompt with delivery. I have received many Facebook worthy profile pictures from his work!

— Gabrielle (via Thumbtack)

weddingwire badgeHappy, upbeat, creative came in time and stayed late for us, my pictures are phenomena.l I would use him again no questions asked!

– Katie and Tim (via Thumbtack)

He took the time to get to know us, spent extra time and requests during our sweetheart session, and dealt with my long shot list. He captured every type of shot there is: candid, tender, funny, beautifully incorporated the scenery, atmosphere, and special moments. I can’t say enough. His photos don’t just capture moments in time, you can feel & see the emotion in the each shot.

— Tracy and Barry (via TheKnot)

Justin was fantastic. He is super communicative during the entire process and seems genuinely happy to be capturing your day.During the wedding he just blended in and captured some amazing moments when I didn’t even know he was around. The guest raved about him and how sweet he was. And of course the the biggest thing is that the photos came out amazing. The lighting, color and composition were all great. He has such a good eye for finding awesome light. After our first meeting with him the photography was one item I crossed off my list and didn’t have to worry about.

— Scott and Justin (via email)

Justin is an Amazing Photographer!!! Our wedding was a day filled with Love and Laughter and he did a beautiful job capturing it all!!!

— Claudette and Susan (via Facebook)

BOOK HIM BOOK HIM BOOK HIM BOOK HIM!!!!! Justin is hands down one of the most amazing photographers I have ever worked with, and as a journalist/news producer I work with a lot of photographers regularly. He was patient, funny and fun. We got the best deal in town and an amazing photographer to boot. We now consider him one of our family.

— Dexter and Kevin (via TheKnot)

Justin is very professional and very good at what he does. He could make a disaster look like a dream. He has a good eye and is very creative with the shots he takes. I would recommend hiring Justin for any event. You won’t be disappointed and it will be money well spent!

— Danielle and Brad (via Thumbtack)

From the very beginning, Justin was communicative, approachable, warm, understanding, and flexible. We had an Jewish Orthodox wedding, with plenty of nuanced customs that Justin was respectful of and beautifully able to capture. We both are not so comfortable in front of a camera, particularly being photographed alone or in intimate moments, and Justin made us both feel so comfortable. He’s the best!

— Lauren and Jesse (via TheKnot)

Justin captured how happy we were (and how happy our friends and families were!) on our wedding day and we couldn’t be more grateful! We wanted to work with someone who would put us at ease and get great shots while we focused on enjoying the day itself, and we got exactly what we were looking for. Also, I want to say thanks to Justin for the fun texts the last few days before the wedding; helped me laugh and stay relaxed as the wedding approached. Would recommend you to anyone.

— Maura and Ben (via TheKnot)

Justin worked for us at our non-profit annual gala. His work not only captured the feel of our gala but he was professional and personable. Our guest had nothing but great things to say about his and we are very happy with the photos.

— Afia (via Thumbtack)

Its hard to express just how great Justin is. The day of the wedding, it was like having a friend beside you the entire time. My baby nephew spit up on my MOH/Sister right before we took photos and Justin was able to remove the stain from a bunch of photos. I could go on and on and on but the point is he is truly a master of his craft and really made our wedding day THAT much better.

— Alison and Jason (via TheKnot)