I know, I know — you’re probably sick of all the end of year/decade recaps at this point in January, and it’s like three days late, too. BUT I had to go out and photography two weddings on New Years Eve day (and as much fun as that was I will never do a double wedding day again), so I was slightly delayed.

Regardless though, 2019 was a pretty bonkers year. Personally, I lost loved ones and reconnected with my biological family. A lot of adulting decisions were thrust upon my husband and myself, and we had to adjust in kind. Jacob and I made it through our first year of marriage. I’ve (mostly) come to terms with my greying hair. Professionally, it was one of my most challenging as I came off back to back years setting new records for myself and my business — 2017 had the most weddings I ever shot in one year, then 2018 had the most travel shoots (and my own wedding). I knew since last January it would be an introspective and growing year with my inquiries a little slower than usual, but I still ended up pushing myself more than I ever thought.

I finally accomplished one of the goals I set for myself when I founded my business in 2014: I photographed an international destination wedding. 2019 also brought the most theater and performance gigs I’ve shot in NYC. My business deepened and expanded. I photographed 54 couples who were in love, 6 cuddly families and even 1 presidential nominee. I teamed up with 8 different companies – from the corporate and creative worlds – for events and promotional materials. My work brought me to 2 continents, 21 cities and 7 different states. 35mm film came back into my life after a few year hiatus, and I shot over two dozen rolls. It was a fuckin lot. But it was great!

So here’s a shot from nearly every time I picked up my camera, professionally or for fun, last year. If you’re too lazy to scroll through it all, here’s a little video compilation too. It’s less than a minute – check it out!

Also if you’re itching to see more from any of these shoots, leave a comment and I’ll be sure to blog them in the future!

Cover image by Clarissa Sosin.