Dumbo Loft Wedding | Lori + Jayar


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From getting drinks with Lori and Jayar when we first met, I knew their wedding would be more party than prim – and when they told me it would be at Dumbo Loft Wedding in the coolest part of Brooklyn, I knew it would be a total blast to attend, let alone document. And it turns out the happy couple and the reputation of Dumbo Loft did not disappoint!

As I got to know the couple, who were friends of a friend, I got to see not only a pair of people who loved one another endlessly, but more so supported each other in their endeavors and goals. Lori and Jayar were friends and partners, and their total commitment to have make the best lives for each other showed in planning a stress free party atmosphere.

Friends helped them during their respective bridal and groom prep, and were always a stone’s throw away for a needed hand or cocktail during our portrait session. That night between raunchy toasts and late night pizza orders, the fun never stopped. I was sad to leave the festivities, and even hung out a little later because I felt like one of the cool kids!

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I love when the mother’s bride helps her with the final touches, like putting her in the dress. It’s such a sweet and intimate moment that I usually let happen alone, but this was too cute to pass up.

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Note to all grooms: if you don’t know how to tie your tie (or drank too much to make a straight knot), make sure a friend or two can figure it out!

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This is hands down my favorite first look I have ever photographed. Jayar’s look of complete love and Lori’s clear emotions had me welling up behind the lens. Also, this view makes me consider moving to Brooklyn from Queens.

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Mother nature looked kindly on this wedding day, with slight drizzles stopping just moments before the couple walked down the aisle.

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Vows are best when they’re heartfelt, but definitely slip in a joke or two if you can.

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I love when family portraits are more giggly than stiff. But honestly, Lori is such a beaming bundle of joy, how could her family be any different?

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Insert classic DUMBO cobblestone street photo here! But how can you resist that view of the Manhattan Bridge?

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This couple’s coolness only grew as the night went on, tearing up the dance floor all night.

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So, there are many things that I call “my favorite part of a wedding,” but I think the dynamics of parent-child dances are always the most sweet and showing. Sometimes I see laughter, others have tears, some folks just have crazy dance moves run in the family. This Dumbo Loft Wedding had all three!

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To honor one of Jayar’s more goofy traditions of dropping trou

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Cutting cupcakes is a way more adorable tradition than cutting the cake, but your boo might try and shove the entire thing in your mouth.

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Wedding Planner: Every Season Events.

Venue: The Dumbo Loft.

Videographer: Tweed Video.