Lisa & Derrick: Bliss in a Blizzard


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When I first spoke with Lisa and Derrick, I was a little surprised to hear a couple so enthusiastic about getting married in the middle of February. I’m from Maine originally, but even I can’t romanticize a blizzard in Midtown. But somehow, the joy radiating from this lovely couple and their families made three inches of snow feel cozy. A rooftop bar to warm up in after a shoot in Central Park helped, too!

Lisa and Derrick snow


Lisa and Derrick shoes


lisa-and-derrick-teasers-5Lisa and Derrick prep

Lisa and Derrick Teasers-15Lisa and Derrick archeslisa-and-derrick-teasers-23 Lisa and Derrick sister

lisa-and-derrick-teasers-18 copy lisa-and-derrick-teasers-27





lisa-and-derrick-teasers-40 lisa-and-derrick-teasers-33 lisa-and-derrick-teasers-43 lisa-and-derrick-teasers-42

Venue: Sky Room