Connecticut Fall Wedding | Emily + Jim


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The first time I met Emily and Jim, he grabbed her breasts on stage in front of an crowd who had no idea they were engaged. I would normally have been very shocked (as I’m sure the audience was), but Jim was starring in his monthly show at the Upright Citizens Brigade and Emily was a willing audience plant for the bit. They got some big laughs and questions after the show, then we went out for Margaritas and barbecue, and I immediately fell in love with them. Emily is actually the sister-in-law of the sister-in-law to one of my other favorite brides, Jenn,, but was diverging from a more formal wedding to a relaxed celebration of love that suited her better. As a Shamanic Reiki Master and comedian, Emily and Jim found their perfect groove with an intimate ceremony at a family church nestled in the Connecticut Woods followed by a reception in Jim’s childhood backyard during peak autumn gloriousness.

Emily nailed every aspect of being a laid back bride, from doing her hair and make-up herself to choosing a wedding dress WITH POCKETS and that could hide Wellies underneath it for splashing in puddles. She toasted with her bridesmaids with dinosaur cups over home-made shortbread and even found some time to have a totally impromptu pillow fight with them all (I am told this is a fantasy for straight men?). We organized a first look at the ceremony spot and I have literally never seen a more honest outpouring of love and excitement. Get tissues, cause I still cry going through these shots. From then on it was a perfect mix of serious commitment to each other and ear-to-ear smiles (funny how having a professional comic actor around helps with that?) during portraits, ceremony and reception.

They threw the definition of Fall Wedding #Goals while keeping things low key and fun, despite an unseasonable chill and drizzle.

I love a wedding with a Gilmore Girls reference.

These ladies were ready to party from the minute I arrived.

I love when just Mom helps out with the dress, such a sweet and intimate moment.

But seriously, these bridesmaids knew how to react. I was have the same happy cries, thankfully my camera covers my face!

I am still absolutely shocked and honored I get to witness and document such honest moments of emotion. LOOK AT THESE TWO. Don’t you want to marry them? It’s too late, they’re taken, but still.

You know those “Get someone who looks at you they way my brother looks at ketchup” memes? Jim found that person.

I didn’t even need to provide any direction to these guys besides “can you go over there?” and “just cuddle!” which is basically the best possible thing for my job. Everything that followed was sweet and silly.

Jim had custom cufflinks made of his parents wedding photo! What a gorgeous way to honor them?

These wedding parties were so delightfully sassy and super attractive too.

Double the flower girls, double the fun!

One of my favorite things a couple can do is to have a dear friend sing a very meaningful song during the ceremony. I may or may not be doing the exact same thing for my wedding, but i don’t know if my friends will be as good as Chris Coogan.

To say Emily looked etherial during her vows just doesn’t quite cut it.

Jim was able to keep his inner ham tamed during the ceremony, but it may have snuck out recessing down the aisle.

When you have such an extraordinary couple paired with an equally astounding spot to take make some portraits, all you can really do to start is just let them take in the moment and explore.

Jim’s goofball eventually caught up with us again, but thankfully he is an attractive goofball!

I love being able to make a timeless portrait and also silly memories. Emily and Jim could do both in a matter of seconds. Is this a thing at evert Connecticut fall wedding? I think I was just lucky.

So we may have technically not supposed to have been on this part of the reservoir, but Jim and Emily showed them how they felt about that. And then immediately had some karma in the form of strong gusts.

Did I mention it was threatening to drizzle basically this entire time? Nobody gave any fucks and just wanted to make sure Emily and Jim had the best possible time.

This nailed the fall wedding rustic glam vibes.

Everyone was extra feisty this cocktail hour and that is the best thing.

When first dances become everyone on the dance floor you get all sorts of warm fuzzies.

Pardon me while I melt over these ADORBS parent dances.

Were you expecting all these guys to slay the dance floor? because you should have been.

I don’t usually steal things from couples posts, but I love that Emily wrote for Jim’s birthday “Remember that time we got married in outer space? That was great but you are greater.” I agree this off camera flash was stellar, but I think they’re equally the greatest.


DRESS: Oleg Cassini
BRIDESMAID DRESSES: Assorted Badgley Mischka and Christian Siriano
SHOES: Bella Belle from BHLDN
SUIT: Custom made by Born to Tailor
TIES: Custom by Cyberoptix
CATERING: Cinch Foods
FLORALS: The Flowerfall of Westport
OFFICIANT: Rev. Jonathan Hammond
CEREMONY: The Unitarian Church of Westport
PORTRAIT LOCAITON: Aspetuck Reservoir
RINGS: Kristin Coffin Jewelry
DJ: DJ Scottso
CAKES: Cafe Expresso
COOKIES: Teresa D’Amico